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Geotechnical Site Support

Greater geotechnical know-how. Greater confidence in the field.

Rock variability and responses are incredibly hard to define, they call for more than just theoretical knowledge – they demand experience.

That is why most of our senior consultants have a master’s degree and at least eight year’s experience (or equivalent experience). It is also why our junior consultants shadow seniors until they have the requisite know-how.

Crucially, while we assure our site support consultants have the frontline knowledge you need, they are all backed by the wealth of experience within our team, whether we support you for one roster, or for several years.

Our geotechnical site support services

We offer onsite geotechnical secondments from junior engineers to experienced seniors to fill in client manning, support and personnel gaps. These secondments can be scheduled short checkups or rostered work where coverage can last from one roster to greater than 12 months.

Our ARCHEAN site support team is your team to provide you with: