Resource & Reserve

3D Geological Modelling

Our geologists are skilled in combining the structural and geological interpretation of ore deposits with the application of innovative modelling packages to construct dynamic 3D geological models.

Resource Estimation (AUR)

ARCHEAN has a team of highly qualified and experienced geologists who are expert at auditing exploration projects and providing independent evaluations of a resource

Property Appraisals

Mining or exploration properties or projects change hands all the time. Depending on the stage and type of the project, the value of the project is often difficult to determine, especially if mineral resources are not available.

QA/QC Reviews

ARCHEAN can help by implementing industry best practice standard operating procedures and implement these through training on your work site. Of course, we advise our clients to get these systems implemented before their key sampling or data-gathering projects start

Technical Due Diligence

Is your company looking to invest in a mining or exploration project? Let RSC carry out important technical due diligence to flush out any fatal flaws or other technical issues with the project.

Market Announcements

Presenting data in such a way that it appeals to the market, both in quality and appearance is important as many investors will not take kindly to compliance breaches, shady wording, and lack of transparency or sloppy images. Your shareholders will expect your product to be sold as best as…

Feasibility Study and Advisory

Our feasibility studies and advisory services cover the full value cycle of assets, from concept or project scoping, to bankable studies used to support finance applications, to master planning, to de-bottlenecking, compliance and due diligence reviews.