Our Purpose


Growing Together

Our people are our assets. Working together. Learn together. Succeed together.

No Waste of Time

We operate as efficiently as possible. We plan effectively, make full use of our assets and always spend our money wisely.

Smarter Together

None of us is as smart as all of us. By valuing our diversity, working together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other, we’re capable of exceptional things.

No short cuts

We never compromise our standards. We strive for the best in everything we do and continue to raise the bar in safety, performance and transparency every day.

First In

First come, first served. We stick to our commitments. We do what we say.

Access All Areas

Flat management structures. An open-door management policy.

Enable tomorrow

We actively embrace change, enabling new technologies and smarter ways of working, so the mine of tomorrow is safer, more productive and more reliable than ever before.

Safe Workplace

We guarantee our workplace is always safe for our employees, commit to the highly standards of HSE.